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Interview with Mr. Marcelino Quant Part 2

Marcelino Quant     This is the second part of the Chamber News & Views’ interview with Mr. Marcelino Quant,
     entrepreneur and President of the San Nicolas Business Association.



Interview with Mr. Hans Loos

IMG 0896-HL-1

Mr. Hans Loos, owner of Trikes Aruba tells us about his unique business concept, the start of his company and the challenges he faced realizing his dream.

Describe Trikes Aruba in brief.
Trikes Aruba gives its clients an unforgettable adventure. A trike is a three-wheeled vehicle and it is an ideal way to explore Aruba, being part of a tour. It is a very safe, stable and comfortable vehicle. At Trikes Aruba we maintain strict safety rules and procedures. Our team consists of 4 people and our office is situated at the Dutch Mill.


Interview Green Vibes Sustainability, Land & Energy

The Chamber News & Views will regularly portray an interview with a local entrepreneur to share with us what the Aruban government can do to stimulate and promote entrepreneurship. In this first edition, we are featuring Mr. Ari Lichtenstein, owner of Green Vibes Sustainability, Land & Energy NV.


Interview with Marcelino Quant

Marcelino QuantThe Chamber News & Views talks to Marcelino Quant, entrepreneur and president of the San Nicolas Business Association. In this first part of the interview he shares his views on doing business in San Nicolas and how to start diversifying Aruba’s economy.



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