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New business address must be included on your business license

If you are a business license holder and wish to change your business address, then it is good to know that it is imperative to submit a request at the Department of Economic Affairs to change your address on the business license, before moving to your new location. After the new address has been added to the business license, it is necessary to register the new address in the Trade Register at the Aruba Chamber. For more information on business licensing, go to


Filing of annual financial statements at the Aruba Chamber

All NV’s, VBA’s and AVV’s are legally required to file their annual financial statements at the Aruba Chamber within 8 days after the General Shareholders’ Meeting’s approval hereof. The annual financial statements should be approved within 8 months after the financial year is completed. Due to exceptional circumstances, this term may be extended by max. 6 months by the General Shareholders' Meeting.

Managing directors and supervisory board members, if applicable, shall all sign the financial statements (art. 36.1 and 36.2 lvVBA). In addition to the annual financial statements, a copy of the shareholders’ register is to be filed as well. The financial statements and the shareholders’ register are not available for public inspection, unless explicitly authorized by the corporation. The Aruba Chamber will keep the information in a secluded area with limited access to its employees.

This obligation is applicable to all NV’s and AVV’s as of 2013. This means that the next financial statements that should be drawn up and approved as of January 2013 should be registered at the Trade Register. In most cases – companies that have their financial year running from January through December – this means that before August 31, 2013, their statements should be approved. for 2012 should be filed no later than August 31, 2013. The VBA has this obligation since its introduction in January, 2009.

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Apps for Climate

 “From carbon calculators and classroom tools to new ways of visualizing climate data and planning policy responses, the “Apps for Climate” submissions are impressive. These developers rose to the challenge posed by the WB’s Open Climate Data Initiative and have produced some outstanding products,” said World Bank Managing Director Caroline Anstey, who gave the keynote speech at the event. The winners turned data into lessons, policy into action, and reminded everyone that we're all connected, especially when it comes to climate change, plus a new competition was launched with MTV: Voices4Climate. Source:

To apply or not to apply…for a director’s license

As of November 1, 2012, all individuals who have obtained the Dutch nationality while residing in Aruba, are exempted from a business license for a sole proprietor’s business license, or a director’s license application.

But keep in mind that managing directors of a NV, VBA or AVV, who acquired their Dutch citizenship in Aruba still have to submit a proof of Dutch citizenship containing the Royal Decree (bewijs van Nederlanderschap) and one of the following documents at the Aruba Chamber in order to avoid any awkward situations because he/she would still appear in the Trade Register as not being in possession of a director’s license.

These documents are:
 The announcement of the extension of Dutch citizenship (Bekendmaking van verlenging van het Nederlanderschap), or
 Notification of naturalization by the Department of Immigration and Naturalization of the Netherlands (IND), or
 Confirmation by the Governor of Aruba when opting for Dutch citizen, or
 Declaration of registration at the Civil Registry.

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Get your solar panel from the supermarket

In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, home improvement and supermarket Correct is providing solar panels especially designed for home roof tops together with Elemental Generation, provider of small and medium solar panels. According to Elemental Generation they are the first to provide solar panels in supermarkets in the Netherlands, the company is talking to several other retailers to make solar panels more accessible to consumers through home improvement centers.

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