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First sustainability certification for smart phones will focus on socially responsible manufacturing and environment

TCO Development has announced the expansion of its worldwide sustainability certification for IT products to include smart phones. The new certification will provide smart phone buyers and users with an easier way to choose devices that meet criteria for socially responsible manufacturing, minimal environmental impact and ergonomic design. 

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Insurance companies to introduce SME credit fund

In the coming three years insurance companies and pension funds are going to invest 170 million euro’s in a SME credit fund in an effort to help ease the shortage in financing. This plan was presented by Delta Lloyd recently. The plan will bring forward the bottlenecks and possible solutions to make it easier for SMEs to get credit loans. It is still not clear how the investment fund will work. The idea is to create fund that can grant SMEs credit loans ranging from 50.000 to one million euro’s.


How smart LEDs could change your home

"Smart,” Internet-enabled light bulbs made with LEDs are attracting entrepreneurs and major companies. The smart bulbs connect to a local network, owners can then use their phones or computers to control the brightness and, in some cases, color of the light. As an added bonus, users can program the lights to cut down energy costs, for example by turning off the lights at certain times of day.

Users could even set the lights to turn on and off to ward off potential burglars. Several companies have all rolled out or plan to ship a connected LED bulb, including established players like Philips and Insteon, and crowdfunded projects LIFX and iLumi.


Advanced filtration system to avoid wastewater

Five to ten percent of groundwater extracted for drinking water supply purposes is wasted due to the periodic rinsing of sand filters. The result is called backwash water and contains iron and manganese in the form of suspended solids. This in turn is difficult to purify as the high particle loads result in fouling problems in current installations.

IWEC will set up a full-scale installation at a drinking water company for the treatment and reuse of backwash water as drinking water. The implementation of this technology should result in the annual reuse of 5.1 million m³ of wastewater in the EU two years after the project’s end (2017). Consumption of energy will also be reduced, by 30%.


The Chamber’s XX Annual Business Dinner Meeting is on June 1, 2013

The Chamber’s XX Annual Business Dinner Meeting is on June 1, 2013

The date has been set for the 20th Annual Business Dinner Meeting. This event will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2013 and this year’s topic will be a surprise to be announced later. As usual, the dinner will offer entrepreneurs excellent networking opportunities. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming business dinner.

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