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Machine makes drinking water from thin air

Water. A vital nutrient, yet one that is inaccessible to many worldwide. An Israeli company thinks it can play a part in alleviating the crisis by producing drinking water from thin air. Water-Gen has developed an Atmospheric Water-Generation Units using its "GENius" heat exchanger to chill air and condense water vapor. "The clean air enters our GENius heat exchanger system where it is dehumidified, the water is removed from the air and collected in a collection tank inside the unit," says co-CEO Arye Kohavi.

The clean purified water is stored in an internal water tank which is kept preserved to keep it at high quality over time. Capturing atmospheric humidity isn't a ground-breaking invention in itself but Water-Gen has made its water generator more energy efficient than others by using the cooled air created by the unit to chill incoming air.


Sun-powered plane that can 'fly forever'

Aviation pioneers Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg are set to conquer new heights, taking up the challenge of the first solar flight around the globe next year. The duo unveiled last week Solar Impulse 2, the most energy efficient airplane ever built. They will attempt to fly non-stop for 120 hours over oceans and continents without a drop of fuel.

With a sluggish top speed of just 88 miles per hour, each ocean crossing will last five to six days, taking the total flight time up to 20-25 days over the course of a few months. "Because it's a single pilot and the plane flies slowly, we're going to land on every continent and switch the pilot," explains Piccard. "So one of us will make the Pacific, one will make the Atlantic; one will cross China the other one will cross America and so on."

Each stop on their itinerary will last for several days as the Solar Impulse team wants to organize public events to raise awareness about a more sustainable way of life.
"The message is: "with clean technology, with renewable energy we can achieve incredible things without any fuel at all."


Home 3D printing

Did you know that with the introduction of the 3D printer for home use, you will soon be able to produce toys, belts, cups, spare parts, and other plastic items at home? It’s as easy as printing a document. 3D Systems (DDD) is launching CubeJet, a unit about the size of a microwave that prints full-color plastic objects. The company also offers CeraJet for producing ceramics and ChefJet for creating fancy chocolate- and sugar-based confections. Instead of buying small objects, you can simply buy the designs online and print them out at home.


Game of Drones

While Jeff Bezos’s vision of drones for (AMZN) deliveries may be many years off, unmanned aerial vehicles are being launched now for a variety of other applications.The new Parrot SenseFly eBee is a small drone with an HD camera that’s programmed to provide automated aerial mapping. It’s being marketed to farmers to check on their crops and developers to assess building sites.


Sleep and relaxation

We’re all going to be sleeping better and relaxing more, thanks to some of the latest gadgets that measure sleep and stress. InteraXon is launching the Muse Brain Sensing Headband, a lightweight headband that measures brain waves to help coach users to relax (think more alpha waves). Select Comfort (SCSS), maker of Sleep Number beds, has a system called Sleep IQ for its higher-end mattresses that measures brain waves, heart rate, respiration rate, and how much you move throughout the night. It adjusts the bed while you doze to improve your sleep quality.


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