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Editor's note

LeoMaduroDear Reader,

Welcome to this latest edition of the Chamber News & Views.

In this edition, attention goes primarily to the expected developments in Aruba’s second largest town, San Nicolas, as it became clear recently that the Valero refinery will be demolished, opening a host of possibilities and opportunities in and around the refinery premises.

The Chamber has been bringing this subject to the attention of the community for several years, and still maintains its position that this area is the single most important focus for economic development in the coming years, and hence the need for a comprehensive socio-economic development plan.

We will be publishing in more detail shortly on various aspects of this theme. Furthermore, in this edition we are presenting an interview with notary public Hilde Rodriguez–Taekema on the benefits of having a will, and the importance of knowing the liabilities when opening a business.

We continue on the topic of liabilities, and this time we will explain antedating elaborately, with some day to day examples of how this takes place in Aruba.

Then, we will feature an article by McKinsey global Institute on affordable, decent houses; these are in many parts of the world, fundamental to the health and well-being of people and to the smooth functioning of economies. Yet around the world, in developing and advanced economies alike, cities are struggling to meet that need.

Finally, we cannot close without our “Did you knows” and new entrepreneurs.


Leo Maduro
Executive Director Aruba Chamber of Commerce
















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